Let the Light In: Our Chicago Apartments Boast Floor-to-Ceiling Windows



Our Chicago apartments have great views with floor-to-ceiling windows!

215 West wants all of their residents to be both happy and healthy. To this end we have many superb  amenities both in our apartments and in our community. We are proud to offer Chicago apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows which enhance both the aesthetics of our floor plans and the health of our residents.

Nothing makes decor look better than a good dose of natural light. No matter what your style, it will be enhanced by the huge amounts if sunlight provided by our floor-to-ceiling windows. Houseplants can spruce up any room and our windows make it possible for even those with the brownest thumbs to raise lush, full, beautiful plants.

There are numerous numerous health benefits to daily exposure to sunlight. Natural light helps the body to manufacture vitamin C which is essential to keep your immune system running effectively. Vitamin D is also produced by exposure of your skin to the sun’s rays. A lack of vitamin D in the body has been linked to depression, an inability to effectively absorb other vitamins and nutrients and an increased incidence of certain cancers.

For more information about our Chicago apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows, contact us at 215 West.

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